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Commercial Pest Control 
Stevenage and Hertfordshire

Are you looking for commercial pest control in Stevenage and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire? Commercial properties must be kept pest-free for safety reasons, and you don't want your customers to be the first to find out that you have pests on your property.

Are cockroaches, fleas, rats, moles or any other pests bothering you at your commercial property?

If yes, Red Tail Pest Control can help with your industrial pest control for Stevenage, Biggleswade and Hertfordshire. We will eliminate the problem instantly and professionally.

If you would like any further information or advice about any of our commercial pest control services, please contact our dedicated team on 07807 429 843.

A pest problem can affect your business activities, structures and reputation in general. Not only will you suffer from damaged goods and products, but you may also be involved in implications with public health authorities.

If you are a business owner, the last thing you want is an infestation of pests. Our team of experts will visit your premises promptly, and we will work with you to rid your business of its outbreak.

  • Professional removal of pests
  • Rapid response service
  • Non-toxic solutions
  • Unmarked vehicles if necessary
  • Landlord and rental properties

Commercial Pest Control Stevenage and Bedfordshire : commercial kitchen

Professional removal of pests

We have over 30 years of experience within the pest control industry.

Our team are highly professional and reliable. We continuously keep abreast of all new information and pest removal techniques by regularly receiving comprehensive professional training.

When we have carried out our initial inspection, we will discuss with you what type of control is right for your commercial property.

We offer a range of practical and chemical solutions to treat your infestation. We make your safety and health our priority.

At Red Tail Pest Control, we provide the following services for businesses of all shapes and sizes:

Rapid response service:

We know that if you find pests in your home or business, you want rid of them as quickly as possible. We will respond promptly and efficiently.

Non-toxic solutions:

We supply a range of none toxic treatments for families with babies, young children and pets. We are certified members of NPTA, giving you peace of mind that you are working with professionals.

Unmarked vehicles if necessary:

We will use our discretion when visiting your home or business and can arrive in unmarked vehicles. We understand how distressing and stressful it is having pests in your property.

Landlord and rental properties:

We will work closely with both landlords and tenants to eradicate infestations. Your tenants needs are our priority, and that is why we have customised services.

If you would like any further information or advice about any of our commercial pest control services, please contact our dedicated team on 07807 429 843.

Do you have a pest problem?

We are fully insured for your peace of mind, knowing that we will eliminate the infestation successfully without causing any damage to your commercial property. What's more, we are members of NPTA.

The National Pest Technicians Association, which means all our services are safe, effective and affordable.

We have listed below just some of the pests that we can eradicate from your home or commercial business. We will also remove squirrels, pigeons and flies.

Mole and Rabbit Removal Stevenage

Mole and Rabbit Removal

Mole and rabbit infestations are resilient pests that can cause damage to your lawn or garden, which can be frustrating for commercial sports pitches and golf courses. We use humane mole traps to rid your property of these underground creatures.

We use safe and effective methods to catch rabbits and expel them from your premises before they cause further damage. Without proper pest control, rabbits and moles will cause untold damage to your sports pitches, golf courses and gardens.

Rabbits and moles will also damage roads, and even rail tracks, it is their need to burrow and tunnel that will cause significant problems.

Molehills are a good indication that you have an infestation. Rabbits will not only destroy flower beds and gardens, but they can also carry and spread life-threatening diseases such as tularemia, also known as rabbit fever, a bacterial infection associated with both animals and humans.

Wasps control and Wasps Nest Removal 

The best way to remove a wasp nest is to hire a professional like Red Tail Pest Control. A wasp nest can house thousands of wasps. To try to remove it yourself is extremely dangerous. Wasps can cause many problems for commercial businesses.

In late Summer and early Autumn, sweet things attract wasps. That discarded icecream or an open can of fizzy pop will attract a vast amount of wasps, all vying for that sweet treat.

It is this time of year when they are at their most aggressive. How many times have visitors to your beer garden or outside seating area at your cafe come running in because of wasps attacking them? We offer an expert service for wasps and wasp nest removal.

Rodent Removal

Nobody wants rats or mice, making a home at their commercial premises. These pests will cause a real problem for your business. The last thing any business needs is to have mice and rats.

They will spread disease, cause damage to your premises and your livelihood alike. Mice and rats are incontinent and have no control over their bladders. Not only are they unpleasant and unhygienic to have in any workplace.

Their urine can also contaminate any objects it comes into contact with, like food, work surfaces, utensils and packing materials. Our team of professionals are experts in the removal of rodents.

Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are attracted to food left lying around, dirty surroundings and moisture from leaking pipes under sinks. Cockroaches can also trigger asthma, as well as other allergies.

If you think you have a cockroach infestation, our pest control service can visit your premises. We will inspect for cockroaches and eliminate the infestation for you if this is the case.

Flea Removal

Fleas can very quickly become an infestation without you even realising, by then it is usually too late. You are more likely to have fleas in your home if you have pets, although this is not always the case.

Usual telltale signs that you have a flea infestation are bites. Fleas tend to bite around the ankles, wrists and midriffs. They appear as small itchy raised lumps, like a little heat lump.

If you have a mild reaction to flea bites, you might develop a rash as a result. You might also spot adult fleas jumping. You may see the white flea eggs or the black faeces. They look like grains of salt and pepper. We have visited many properties and using our products, techniques, experience and professionalism, have rid them of fleas.


Bedbugs are small insects that often live on furniture or bedding. They can hide in many places, including on bed frames, mattresses, clothing, furniture, behind pictures and under loose wallpaper.

Bedbugs are a type of insect that feed on human blood, usually at night. Their bites can result in several health impacts, including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic reactions.

Travel is the most common cause of bedbug infestations. Often unknown to the traveller bedbugs can travel on their clothing, in their luggage or other personal belongings and be transported to other properties accidentally.

If you think you have an infestation of bedbugs at your property. Red Tail Pest Control will visit your property and eliminate them for you.

Commercial Service Contracts

At Red Tail Pest Control, we offer flexible, tailored pest removal services all year round. We provide our services to all industry sectors, including catering, retail and manufacture.

When you enlist our professional services, you will benefit from regular preventative visits and emergency visits if need be. Since our services are flexible, you can choose the frequency of visits we do, depending on your budget and pest removal needs.

We appreciate how upsetting having an infestation is. We have worked with commercial and residential clients in Bedfordshire, effectively ridding their properties of unwanted pests.

We are efficient, reliable, professional and always discreet. Our team of experts with over 30 years of experience will always offer the very best advice and information.

Our commercial pest control covers Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire including:

  • Stevenage
  • Letchworth Garden City
  • Luton
  • Leighton Buzzard
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Harpenden
  • Welwyn Garden City
  • St Albans
  • Hatfield
  • Hertford
  • Dunstable
  • Bedford
  • Hitchin
  • Royston
  • Biggleswade
  • St Neots

If you would like any further information or advice about any of our commercial pest control services, please contact our dedicated team on 07807 429 843.

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The National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) is a professional trade association for pest control companies within the UK.

It was formed in  1993 to provide a forum and platform to help and assist professional pest control technicians and their respective servicing companies in undertaking their responsibilities safely.

 We are also Professional Pest Control Registered (PROMPT).

The BASIS PROMPT Pest Controllers register provides independent proof that a pest controller has received proper professional training.

As PROMPT Pest Controllers we continue to update our expertise through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).