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Pest Control Tips And Advice

Even though we are a nation of animal lovers, pests are considered unwanted visitors which can cause a nuisance and possibly damage your property. Ask our experts today for pest control tips and advice.

Many pests such as rodents and insects carry potentially dangerous diseases, not to mention other implications such as insect bites and unsightly droppings. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to spot as they are adept in living in small, dark areas inaccessible to humans. If you suspect that you may have pests, it's always worth seeking professional assistance. Red Tail Pest Control can provide an initial survey to identify the species present and how it can be remedied. 

How do I know what pests I have?

Some species are easier to identify than others. If you start to see a mound in your garden which assembles a mini volcano, chances are you have a mole; or if you suddenly see a lot of wasps, you may have a nest nearby. But it's not always as straightforward as this-please see our PEST IDENTIFICATION GUIDE for more information.

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What should I do when I find...?

A Wasp Nest:

Depending on the species, you may not always find the signature off-white paper-like structure. If you notice an increase of wasp traffic in your home vicinity, chances are there is a nest nearby. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times there are often sentries around the nest which alerts other defenders when they notice an intruder. If you are certain that there is a wasp nest in the area, stay clear of the area and call a pest control professional immediately. 


Droppings are a sure-fire way of confirming that you are the proud host to a rodent family. Although unpleasant, droppings can be used to identify the species you are dealing with. Do not touch the droppings directly with your naked hands as they can carry deadly bacteria which can cause serious illnesses. Once you've safely removed the droppings, clean the area with a suitable disinfectant and call a pest control professional to assess the level of infestation.

Clawing/Chew Marks:

Rodent's teeth continuously grow throughout their lifetime, thus they are very keen to keep chewing to grind them down. If you find tiny chew marks around the foot of furniture, skirting board or in that box of cereal you should have thrown out months ago, you may have an unwanted visitor. Inspect other high-risk areas such as the back of furniture and under cabinets for other signs and symptoms such as suspicious gaps, droppings or greasy trails.

Can I attempt to treat it myself?

While there are products on the market which are designed to treat pest infestations, Red Tail Pest Control would recommend at least a consultation with a pest control expert to fully assess the situation; you may be in midst of a bedbug takeover without even realising.

Is your treatment safe for children and pets?

Red Tail Pest Control offer a range of chemical and practical solutions to treat all types of pest infestations. Your safety is our priority and you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you're working with certified members of the NPTA; we supply a range of non-toxic treatments for families with pets and young infants.

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Are your methods humane and ethical?

We are proud to uphold a strict ethics code when it comes to animal welfare. Wherever possible, we will use humane and considerate methods to remove the pest from your home and property. We use a range of methods such as ferreting and mammal traps to capture rabbits, moles and foxes, then the animal is taken away to be humanely dispatched by an experienced and qualified member of staff.

What can I do after a treatment?

Depending on the pest, you may need to do nothing at all. In the case of wasp nest removals, we ask that you leave the nest alone for a few days for the residue chemical to dissipate. For mammals and birds, you may need after-treatment advice and support, such as wildlife proofing and deterrents. Our professional team members will be more than happy to offer tailored advice to keep your home pest-free.

Can you guarantee that they won't come back?

Unfortunately, while we can guarantee that your home will be pest-free after our treatment, we cannot guarantee that it will be pest-free forever. If the pests were attracted to the condition of the home, such as overlooked entrances and unhygienic food practices which are unchanged after the treatment, then there is a chance that the pests will return. Red Tail Pest Control will be more happy to offer advice on how to prevent a recurring situation.

What can I do to deter pests?

Though the specifics will depend on the type of pests you are trying to deter, generally you should aim to maintain a good level of hygiene in your home, particularly around the kitchen which is considered a hot spot for pest activity due it being a reliable food source. Clean up spills and crumbs regularly and try not to leave uneaten food on accessible areas, such as kitchen worktops. Regularly inspect susceptible areas for any signs and symptoms.