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Domestic Pest Control 
Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Are you looking for domestic pest control in Stevenage and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire?  Unwanted animals and insects can sometimes gain access to our homes and commercial properties which can cause damage, discomfort and health risks to our families, associates and pets. 

Red Tail Pest Control offers professional pest control services that eradicate all the common household pests while ensuring that your family and pets are not exposed to any harm from the pest control procedures.

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We are a team of experts dedicated to removing rats, mice, ants, bedbugs and flies from your living space or commercial property. Our household pests removal services are as per the standards specified by the British Pest Control Association- safety for your loved ones is our top priority. 

Our team is equipped with modern and necessary equipment and expertise to detect and remove all types of common household pests. 

Our company is an avid member of NPTA. Our comprehensive domestic pest control services are up to the highest standards. We cover the larger Stevenage area, and the surrounding areas including Hitchin, Biggleswade, Luton and Bedford.

Our Domestic Pest Control Services

Here at our domestic pest control Hertfordshire, we offer a reliable, friendly, cost-efficient, excellent service that can manage and remove any pests lingering and disrupting your home life. 

We are fully BPCA qualified and have over many years of experience and great reviews. Our business deals and can free you from various pests, from rats and mice to wasps, bees, squirrels, fleas, birds and many others. Please call us today for a quote or advice. 

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice are infamous for invading homes due to their ability to sneak through any small point of entry. They are known not only for plaguing your abode with their presence but also as they carry a multitude of rodent related diseases. 

Along with parasites and fleas and creating fire hazards through chewing any wire cables, you could have lingering around your appliances. Exterminators highly recommend setting up around a dozen rat and mouse traps of different varieties around your home. 

Various rodents react to other kinds of traps. Hence, it is best to cover all bases. Sometimes chemical poisons or solutions are used in the area of which gradually kill them. Professional pest controllers are available to you for domestic pest problems. We can assist you, give us a call, and discuss a quote. 


Moles make their homes in tunnels underground, under lawns, fields, and can be a nuisance if they show up in your garden. They can cause much disruption to an immaculate, well-kept lawn by breaking through the surface. 

The most prominent solution to this problem would be calling up a professional to layout trapping devices and programmes. Give us a call if you are struggling with this problem, and Red Tail Pest Control will be happy to help those customers in the Hertfordshire area and nearby. 

Moles pest control Stevenage Hertfordshire


Squirrels are highly destructive rodents, perhaps even some of the most damaging. It is in their nature to crack open nuts; thus, they can cause several problems within your household. They chew through electrical cables, cause issues with your pipework and any wood furnishings or timber you have. 

Redtail Pest Control in Hertfordshire can offer trapping and proofing programmes to seal up any places that squirrels gain access and entrance through. They can set up traps much like for mice and rats to prevent these pests in your home. Contact us if you need further information, an appointment or a quote. 

Wasps & Bees pest control Stevenage Hertfordshire

Wasps & Bees

Here at Red Tail Pest Control, we offer our services to treat wasp and bees that may have invaded your domestic household or property. 

Wasps and Bees are nuisances, but when they have possibly built a nest in or nearby your home, it proves as far more dangerous. These insects, especially wasps, tend to become far more aggressive and vicious during the late summer and early autumn periods, especially if they feel threatened. 

Rather than attempting to remove them yourself, call us at Red Tail Pest Control, and we can send out a team of professionals to spray down insecticide or remove a nest. Wasps and Bees can attack violently and cause numerous nasty stings. 

Stings can also cause life-threatening allergic reactions, so if you discover a nest, try to call services as early as possible. 


Fleas are a widespread problem amongst homes brought in predominantly via our pets, making it somewhat difficult to prevent. 

Fleas can quickly make themselves very comfortable inside your home if you're not using your flea prevention treatments regularly or adequately. They are prone to warmer households and can latch onto any of your pets. 

We use a high-quality professional insecticide safe for all your pets or children. We can also advise you about the best flea prevention products. 

Fleas pest control Stevenage Hertfordshire


Birds, especially pigeons, can be problem pests for many reasons. They are nice to watch out in the garden or coming to and from your birdhouses. However, they carry diseases that could be dangerous to you and your family, should they spread through bird droppings. 

Bird droppings can bring all kinds of sickness and mites and create a costly outcome when cleaning your home or commercial property. 

Birds may begin building nests on your property or home, on rooves and ledges. For reliable pest control upon discovering any of these issues, call Red Tail Pest Control for fast response, and we can inspect your property and offer solutions and removal. 

Wasp Nest Removal Hertfordshire

If you are concerned that there is a wasp nest on or near your home and garden, simple call Red Tail Pest Control for prompt and effective removal. 

Wasps can be aggressive when protecting their nests; although their stings are not dangerous unless you're allergic, it can cause serious pain and irritation. 

Our swift removal  ensure that these pests will no longer be an issue at your property, simply call us today. 

swarm of wasps on nest

Signs and Symptoms of Pests

Detecting the presence of household pests is not always easy, but if they are spotted early, the easier it may be to control and minimise the damage. We recommend that you look out for the following signs of pest presence:

rat pest control Stevenage Hertfordshire

Noise: If you have noticed any squeaking and scratching noises, especially at night, then they are probably from rodents. They are more noticeable at night because that is when pests are most active. Domestic pests can be quiet, but they are far from silent, and the noises can be bothersome.

Smell: Domestic pests are well known for all kinds of unpleasant smells. From bed bugs with their musty odour to the urine smell of mice to the ammonia odour from rats. You may find some of these smells in high risk nesting areas such as between walls or under floorboards.

Nesting: Rodents tend to build nests out of all kinds of materials, including shredded paper and plant material. They position their nests in places that are not readily accessible, such as underneath flooring and between walls. It is crucial that you perform thorough inspections regularly to spot any signs.

Damaged Furniture and Wiring: To manage the length of their ever-growing teeth, rodents will chew literally anything. They can cause a lot of damage to furniture, pipes, and electronic wiring. We recommend that you perform regular inspections at the base of furniture and on wiring for any signs of pest damage.

Droppings: Different domestic pests excrete different kinds of droppings. Being able to identify such droppings will help you detect whether there are pests on your property. Be careful when handling any dropping as they can carry dangerous bacteria.

Domestic Pest Control Near Me

Throughout Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, there are several experts readily available on-call whenever you have domestic pest issues. 

We deal with various pests, whether it be mammals, rodents or insects, and we are BPCA qualified to treat and remove them from your household, creating a safer space for your family. 

Red Tail Pest Control has and is aware of professionals across Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth Garden City, Luton, etc. So you are never too far away from help. Contact us via phone or email, and we can point you in the right direction of the services we provide and get you the pest control necessary to get the job done.   

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